Corporate Governance of German Enterprises

Identification number: 03.996.1310, basic module, 6 ECTS, two hours per week lecture and two hours per week exercise, 1h exam, winter term

The lecture will be offered in German every winter term.

The aim of the course is to acquire an understanding of the relevance of Corporate Governance in Germany. After successful participation in the course, you should be able to outline the relevant regulation, to economically assess them and to apply your knowledge to short case studies in Corporate Governance.

The mechanisms of Corporate Governance are employed to guarantee that the management of a firm acts in the best interest of the owners. The first step is to clarify the standards of proper and lawful management and how to enforce these standards by means of the mechanisms and norms of Corporate Governance. Afterwards, the course will go into detail on the different mechanism of Corporate Governance. In the second part, the focus will be on monitoring duty of the board of directors and the third part on the role of shareholders.

After successfully registering for the course you can download the course materials via the Moodle.