Melanie Großeastroth, M.Sc.


Studies in Economics and Business Administration (2013-2016, B.Sc.) and Management (2016-2019, M.Sc.) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz.

During the studies, activities as a tutor in Corporate Governance and Auditing (2017-2019) and internships at international corporate law firms. Further, student research assistant at the Chair of Corporate Governance and Auditing (2016-2019). Since 2015 self-employment as managing director of a real estate company. In addition, since 2022 director of a service company focusing on property maintenance.

Since March 2019 research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Chair of Corporate Governance and Auditing.



  • Corporate Governance
  • Auditing
  • Regulation of Auditing in Europe
  • Consequences of Audit Failures
  • Effects of Reputational Damages for Auditors



  • Exercise Class: Auditing (M.Sc.)
  • Exercise Class: Corporate Governance and Auditing (B.Sc.)
  • Bachelor Seminar Theses
  • Bachelor Theses
  • Master Seminar Theses
  • Master Theses



Koch, Christopher & Melanie Großeastroth. 2022. Auswirkungen es Wirecard-Skandals auf die Reputation des Abschlussprüfers. Zeitschrift für Corporate Governance (ZCG), 17. Jg., S. 265-271.

Koch, Christopher, Melanie Großeastroth & Ann-Kristin Guth. 2020. Unabhängigkeitsanforderungen an Aufsichtsratsmitglieder nach dem neuen DCGK: Implikationen für Unternehmen. Betriebs-Berater (BB), 75. Jg. S. 555-559.



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